Executive search

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Executive search

Our executive search practice focuses on giving our clients a competitive advantage by identifying, assessing and recruiting exceptional business leaders.

Point of difference

Our principals differ from other executive search consultants in Scotland. We have significant senior management experience outside recruitment prior to entering search. Such experience provides our clients with a competitive edge.

We understand the role, your company, and your needs

Our initial briefing meetings with you determine the focus of our search. Using our senior business experience, we work with you to derive a comprehensive understanding of your company, the role you are seeking to fill, and the character attributes required of your ideal candidate.

We screen candidates effectively and thoroughly

Our management experience gives us a real-life perspective on the skills, experience and character requirements of a role. This drives our assessment process.

We represent your company professionally

Exceptional candidates have choices. In the competition for the best talent, you must present a professional and attractive image. This starts with the preparation of a Position Outline. It continues in the way we approach and assess candidates. And ends with the quality of insight and advice we provide to them. This ensures that, not only do they match your needs, but you match theirs too.