Executive development

Helping you develop your team

Executive development

Our executive development practice specialises in executive coaching, mentoring, and leadership development. We also provide career counselling and outplacement support.

There is a close correlation between the performance of an organisation and the training and development it provides for its staff. The culture of a company, which tends to reflect the values of the Chief Executive, is a further critical factor.

During our executive development programme, we aim to improve the self confidence, management skills and business acumen of executives. As a result, they have:

  • more control over their workload
  • stronger interpersonal and communication skills to influence their colleagues positively
  • an enhanced capacity to contribute significantly to their company’s success

Point of difference

Our consultants have the expertise to help executives reach their full potential, and the senior management experience, earned “at the coalface”, to back it up. That helps us guide executives in tackling difficult issues, often people issues, and in formulating and implementing strategy.


An executive development programme generally comprises six monthly meetings. In business, monthly one to ones with your direct reports are generally the most effective management tool. We use a similar style in our executive development sessions. This means we send out full notes after each session, setting out the issues and the ways in which we have jointly agreed these should be tackled. The next session starts by discussing the outcomes from those actions. By closing the loop in this way, issues don’t drift.